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Welcome to the Extendo Group.

Superior road safety and exceptional transport economy.


The Extendo group is a family of unique companies, united by common passions: selling and marketing products for safe and functional road and rail transport. Our business concept is to operate in a global market with well-known brands that contribute to superior road safety and exceptional transport economy. 


With a network of distributors around the world, we can guarantee that our products will always be available.

Our success is based on long-term goals, creativity and innovation that have been combined with high demands on safety and quality as well as a clear capacity to be able to listen to our customers.


ExTe Fabriks AB, Sweden

For more than a hundred years, we have been successfully developing and delivering products for safe cargo securing. We select systematic design and production solutions that produce maximum safety in the function.

All products undergo rigorous testing programs on the test bench and in practical operation before they are released on the market. In many countries, the demands we put on our own products have set the standard and been adopted as norms for how safe bunks should be designed.

ExTe has the market’s broadest product range by far and can meet every demand. Progress that never compromises on safety is the very best warranty.

Read more at www.exte.se

ExTe Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Singapore

ExTe AP sells and markets the Extendo Group's efficient solutions for transportation and load securing. The product portfolio contains some of the world’s leading brands in their niches. Brands that stand for high quality, safety and functional solutions.
Thanks to a flexible organisation ExTe AP has the ability to satisfy the customer’s special wishes and at the same time provide the best possible service.

Read more at www.exteap.com

Alucar Oy., Finland

Alucar is primarily a builder of timber cars and a leading manufacturer of timber nests and timber bunks. The company was founded in 1984 and has been a member of the Extendo group since 19xx.

Alucar manufactures lightweight and reliable solutions that improve the end-user transport economy. The strength lies in a highly modernized production that can guarantee a smooth and high quality, fast deliveries and tailor-made solutions.

The company delivers complete ramp packages and with everything required for timber transport and to all available truck models and brands. Advantages lie in fast assembly, light weight and extremely long product life cycle.

Today, the products are exported to over 30 countries in the world. Through its ability to listen to customers, partners and truck manufacturers, Alucar has made itself known for high quality and reliability.

Read more at www.alucar.com

Trux AB, Sweden

Trux AB is the European market leader in front-mounted safety equipment for trucks. The company was the first on the European market to create and manufacture front protection for trucks. Today, the product has been developed into a wider range of safety and styling equipment for trucks from the majority of European brands.

Read more at www.trux.eu

Extendo Polska Sp. z o.o, Poland

Extendo Polska works to increase the market share of Extendo's products in Eastern Europe by being active and closer to the customers providing improved lead times and access for component deliveries and service in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia.

Timbtech International AB, Sweden 

With new thinking in both design and production, we make transporting timber easier.

Read more at www.timbtech.se

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